Bishopsworth Tories mourn local services cuts but its their Government causing it

4 02 2011

My Conservative opponent Cllr Richard Eddy is content to mourn reduction in local services but is unwilling to face the ugly truth. It is his party in Government that is delivering these harmful cuts to Bishopsworth’s residents.

Richard Eddy complains that police stations are going to be unmanned for longer. He can’t ignore the fact that this is due to the Conservative Party having cut police funding by 20%.

He can’t ignore the fact that his government have cut funding to the four Greater Bristol Councils by 28% over the next four years. This has led to the Bristol Lib Dem Council cutting the number of Police and Community Support Officers.

He can’t ignore the fact that the Ministry of Justice is facing a reduction of 11,000 front line staff, which will impact on Courts’ abilities to deal with offenders quickly.

I have family members and friends who serve as Police Officers or PCSOs in Avon and Somerset, South Wales Police, Hampshire Constabulary and the Met. They are hardworking people who try to do their best in difficult circumstances. Richard Eddy’s Party has made their job a lot harder.

Last May I and the Labour Party warned that the Conservatives plan to cut so quickly and so deeply would harm our communities. If Richard Eddy wants to raise law and order as a means to get re-elected I am more than happy. His party’s reckless cuts show that they are not the law and order party but Labour is.


Time for the Sisters to organise

2 10 2010

Yesterday twitter was abuzz with self congratulatory back slapping. “We’ve passed the Equality Act 2010”. “It’s in force” “We’ve ended discrimination”.

The Equality Act 2010 is an excellent piece of legislation. An admirable attempt to codify the law of discrimination and stengthen existing law and provisions.

But there’s something you’ve all missed.

We have a ConDem government which has often shown it cares little for protecting women.

You have all missed that the commencement order leaves out the most important protection of all.

The most powerful provision in the Equality Act is S 78 which permits Government to draft Regulations requiring certain employers to publish earnings data showing there is a difference in pay between men and women.

Employment lawyers will tell you great as that first industrial action was as dramatised by Made in Dagenham. Great as the Equal Pay Act 1970 is. It is often very difficult to find a male comparator for a woman in the workplace and many Equal Pay Act claims either fail or are never made because of this.

The Government has the power to implement  Regulations requiring this data to be made public. On searching I can find no evidence that they have or intend to.

So can I suggest that instead of congratulating ourselves we recognise that there is a serious task left to accomplish and that political sisters and brothers start organising and protesting to demand the necessary Regulations?

You can start by asking Lynn Featherstone to say whether she has any plans to implement Section 78 by contacting her here

Submission to Bristol City Council HR Committee

31 08 2010

A couple of people have asked me about the new Social Media Policy that is before the HR committee of Bristol City Council.

Sorry this subject is a pretty dry but it is important if you are a Council employee who Tweets, uses Facebook or blogs and since emplyment law is something I know a bit about I thought I’d write in. I’ve tried to keep the legalese to a minimum.

I’ve also kept my political view out of the letter. It’s not a comment on what I think about the policy but the legal problems that might arise from it

You can read it here