I got love for you

26 11 2010

The last month has been giving me a bizarre sense of deja vu.

There’s a government carrying out cuts which harm the oldest and poorest

In the face of massive cuts and personal hardship grotesquely out of touch Lord Young says people ” never had it so good”

New Tory Peer Howard Flight says the benefits reforms will cause the poor “to breed”

There’s conflict on the streets

and odd bod former SDPers jettison values and show that they are happier with a Tory Government of massive cuts rather than Labour investment.

It was acceptable in the 80s but is it now?


Bristol Lib Dems reveal their diabolical plans…

26 10 2010

I was sent this video by someone who wanted to remain anonymous. I just had to share it!

Don’t have nightmares folks!

I hope the Cabinet take it in the spirit of good humour.

Happy halloween all.