I came to Bristol in 2007 and love the city. It’s an incredibly diverse city and being involved in local politics has given me the opportunity to learn about local communities and the problems in each ward.

I came to Bristol to work but it has become my home. I love it and can’t see leaving it. I’ve made some great friends here and have been lucky enough to meet some dedicated people (across the parties) who want to make this a better city for everyone.

When I came to Bristol it was a city with no overall control. The Tories propped up parties, made deals and held the balance of power. The local Liberal Democrats buoyed by the Bristol West MP Stephen Williams continued to make in roads into Council seats. They are skilled and ruthless campaigners.

The Council is now Lib Dem controlled. There are some good people in the Bristol Lib Dems but they are dominated by middle class centre right clique centred around Barbabra Janke. We’ve seen cuts. Half truths and duplicity and the people of Bristol are the worse for it.

I’m the Secretary of Bristol West Labour Party, the consituency where the Lib Dems hold the most power. It’s been my privilege to support Paul Smith our Parliamentary Candidate over the last few years.

My hope is that over years of hard work and party building we can turn Bristol red once again.


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