George Ferguson: Lessons in Political Expediency

15 05 2012

George Ferguson the very wealthy owner of Tobacco Factory and sometime developer of the Elizabeth Fry Chocolate Factory/bits of the railway path (allegedly) is standing for Mayor.

He likes to claim he’s independent. He likes to claim he’s different. He wants to put Bristol first.

George dodged the question about his membership of Bristol Lib Dems for several weeks.

Unfortunately for George he’s had to admit to the BBC’s Robin Markwell that he was a member of the Lib Dems for some 25 years… and he only resigned just before standing for Mayor.

I’m left wondering what made George leave the Lib Dems?

  • Axing the child trust fund? Nope.
  • Betrayal on tuition fees? Nope.
  • Attacks on the core principles of the NHS? Nope.
  • Local cuts to bus subsidies leaving OAPs stranded? Nope
  • Local hikes to meals on wheels charges announced at Xmas time? Nope
  • Local plans to sell off parks and green spaces? Nope
  • Local axing of the Council homecare service? Nope
  • Being politically expedient in standing for electoral office… yeah that’ll do it.

Now George will protest his independence.

When he does protest his independence let’s remember this 2009 article in which he described himself as the “seed” of the 2009 electoral victories of the current administration.

He remained a Lib Dem through thick and thin. Now he wants you to vote for him and Lib Dems are low in the polls, he quits.

Just who is he trying to kid?




3 responses

15 05 2012
Alistair Clark

Well said, well exposed, Darren

16 05 2012
Fred mountain

I thought it was common knowledge GF was a liberal, he was their first councillor in Bristol in the 70s and stood for them (unsuccessfully) in the 83 and 87 elections. Regardless, I hope old red trousers gets a deserved trouncing should he decide to stand. Are you considering going for Mayor yourself Darren?

16 05 2012

It was known he was a Liberal Cllr. It was not known he was a Lib Dem member or remained one until it was politically expedient not to. It seems pretty cynical to me.

No I am absolutely not standing for Mayor. I enjoy my day job. I plan to stand for Chair of Bristol Labour Party for just 1 more year and then stand down to have a family.

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