Some questions for Gus Hoyt

21 11 2011

Last week Gus Hoyt called me a liar because he felt I was misrepresenting the Green Party position on Green Spaces

Like a lot of people he uses the term when he finds himself in hot water and confronted with a situation he can’t easily explain.

Here are some yes or no questions based on the statements I’ve made that he considers “lies”.  I’d invite him to answer yes or no and we’ll see how truthful I am.

  1. Does paragraph 18 of this doc represent the position negotiated by the Green Party negotiator?
  1. If, the answer above is no has the Party sought a clarification or amendment?
  1. If, the answer to question 2 above is yes please publish that request for amendment.
  1. Do you accept that the substance of para 18 means the Green Party negotiator agreed 38 green spaces should be sold without reference to neighbourhood partnerships?
  1. 2 weeks ago when asked what your position on green space sales was did you tell me that you weren’t involved in the process and that you and the Green Party supported Tess’ negotiations?
  1. Do you remember being asked at least twice to clarify your personal position of green spaces and you dodged the question twice? Here’s the screen grabs and here’s another to refresh your memory
  1. Do you agree this is different from your stated position on Friday that “I am voting (always was) footer [sic] sell off to go to NPs…”
  1. Would you agree that if this was always your position its odd that you didn’t say so back in October 29th?
  1. Have you deleted your previous tweets in support of Tess and dodging my questions on green spaces? Here is a screen grab from for the date in question with apparently missing tweets to help you answer
  1. Would you agree that in apparently deleting tweets it gives rise to the inference you have something to hide?
  1. Now that you have happily changed your mind and oppose your party leader’s negotiated position of some green spaces sales being made by the Council without reference to neighbourhood partnerships:
    1. Have you asked her to vote against that position?
    2. Will you ask her to vote against Green space sales?
  1. Will Cllr Tess Green the Green Party leader vote to oppose green space sales and send all further decisions to neighbourhood partnerships? (Since it’s such and important issue maybe you could ask her?)

Hopefully you’ve answered yes or no and managed to get through these questions without calling anyone a liar. Keep on spinning ;-D




2 responses

21 11 2011

Queastion for Bristol Red:

1. Do you think you might need to get out more?

22 11 2011

I definitely do but judging from other’s Friday and Saturday night tweets their need is greater than mine.

Happily I can multitask and came up with these questions on the go. Interesting that for all his accusations Gus is too embarrassed to turn up and answer.

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