Tory Police cuts and Lib Dems freeze PCSOs

11 04 2011

At the moment I’m dealing with a lot of people raising fears over crime and anti social behaviour on and around Highridge Common.

I’m currently compiling responses with a view to arguing for more PCSO coverage in Bishopsworth, Highridge and Withywood and will blog on this more soon

In Bristol the Lib Dems have frozen funding for PCSOs so we only half about 1/2 off our full compliment. Members of the local Lib Dem cabinet like Cllr Jon Rogers complain about anti social behaviour but won’t fund measures to combat it.

Perhaps most shocking is this online map launched today by the Labour Party to detail front line Police cuts caused by this Tory Government. In a time of rising unemployment and economic depression we need to rely more not less on good effective community centred policing. This is a Labour issue. It’s the people on our estates and our communities who will suffer the most

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; alt=”See how damaging the police cuts are” border=”0″></a>




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