First time buyers 1 step forward 2 steps back

24 03 2011

I’m a first time buyer. In fact I paid my deposit today!

So I was interested in the many articles generated in the Evening Post and Bristol’s micro blogging sites. (Plainly someone in a government press office or the local Lib Dems are in over drive with the spin)

But I have a serious question for all those raving about this new scheme. Anyone thought about it logically?

People are going to be graduating from University with massive debts AND the figures for unemployment are rising AND the cost of living is going up with VAT AND various employment protections that offer you a decent payout if the worst happens are being abolished.

But it’s ok because despite the massive debt making you work for longer to save the money and not having a job to start with and the increased cost of living; you have to save a little bit less to purchase the house which will be liable to repossession if you ultimately obtain a job and this government’s savage cuts makes you redundant or have a knock on effect on the private sector!

I’m afraid its the usual con trick from the Tories and Lib Dems. Take one step forward as a distraction from 2 steps back. (see the fuel duty decrease of 1p coupled with the VAT increase of 2.5p as a good example)

Completely meaningless in the long run




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