My speech on Green Spaces last night

23 03 2011

You can see me making my speech on Bristol’s Green Spaces here at 1 hr and 13 mins and 29 secs in.




3 responses

23 03 2011
Paul Bemmy Down

Hi Darren
Precise and to the point and pretty well sums up what it appears most people think. If the LibDems renigg on promises about the South Bristol Green Belt, will you equally be up for the fight? I hope so although you might have problems with others in your party. Anyway, not a good weekend rugby wise. England boring and not very good. Wales just not very good. They were crying in their beer in Llanstephan at the weekend.

23 03 2011

Thanks Paul

Yes miserable rugby weekend. Are you enjoying your time in Llanstephan? Great place to explore.

I made the point last time around that the last government hadn’t made its case to the public and so I opposed the strategy. I passed my views on to Dawn after attending the meeting in Bemmy Down School.

24 03 2011

You can listen to @LabourBristol’s @Mark_Bradshaw promise to end @BristolLibDems sell off of green spaces

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