Bradley Stoke Tory Cllr on South Gloucester cuts

24 02 2011

My contacts North of the frontier have pointed out that South Gloucestershire Tories are just as insensitive as their Bristol cousins. When it comes to cuts and local services

Below is a tweet from @RobertJones81 It appears he’s such a smooth communicator Bradley Stoke Town Council have made him a press spokesperson!


Via @yokelbear and @JokBristol




4 responses

25 02 2011

Despite Tory Cllr Jones deleting his tweet. It seems to have found it’s way to the BBC

Where it is described as “political suicide”

26 02 2011

Most of Jones’ tweets seem to be of the broadcast variety and he seems incapable of engaging in a conversation (which is after all one of the major aspect of social media – it’s social innit?).

A prime candidate for residency on the Clueless Politician Coast on xkcd’s updated online communities map.

27 02 2011


28 02 2011

At least he didn’t say what one Hull Tory Cllr said


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