Jon Rogers opposes reducing the cost of care… but his excuse doesn’t make sense

23 02 2011

One of the interesting features of this budget debate was how willing Jon Rogers was to mislead the public on numerous points on Labour’s amendment to reduce the burden of the cost of care on elderly citizens and our community safety package.

Ultimately Jon Rogers voted against better protection for the elderly and vulnerable because he felt it was unfair to reduce park and ride subsidy. He and his colleagues said it would cause more disruption or stall Bristol’s economy or discourage people from using the service. This is rubbish.

The strange thing is Jon’s memory seems to have failed him because in June 2009 he told Star FM….

“Park and Ride is paid for primarily through the Council Tax, it’s actually the people of Bristol paying for people who live outside of Bristol to travel into the city … We can’t take money out of many of the other things we’re trying to do in the city to excessively subsidise those Park and Ride routes.”

He told the BBC Website in June 2009

It’s not right that Bristol council tax payers should subsidise the users of these sites. We feel it appropriate to pass the costs on in an appropriate way,”

and in June 2009 he told Ian Onions at the Evening Post

Council taxpayers in Bristol should not be over-subsidising visitors who come to the city and use the park and ride services. They are still extremely good value for money.”

Cllr. Rogers like most Lib Dems only thinks a proposal is worth listening to if its from another Lib Dem. This high handed arrogance means that the costs of care reductions failed, Bristol will not get more PCSOs on our streets, the Bobby van (a victims support and crime prevention service) will fold and extra (and much needed) dog wardens fall away. All because people like Jon Rogers can’t look beyond narrow party politics. Shame




One response

24 02 2011

In fairness to Jon its not just him.

Inconsistency appears to be catching amongst Bristol Lib Dems. This time Horfield Cllrs on Parks:

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