Labour’s Bristol Budget 2011 amendments

21 02 2011
Bristol Labour have a strong set of amendments for the Bristol Budget tomorrow.
There’s a lot of spin and misleading statements coming from the Lib Dems so we decided to use Audioboo to speak honestly, openly and directly with Bristolians.
We hope to comment on the amendments as they get voted on. We’d be interested in you joining in that conversation
We’d like to encourage those Bristolians not normally involved in political parties to let us know what they think. We’d encourage people on Twitter to use #BristolBudget2011 to let us know what they think

Feel free to comment. Comments will be published tomorrow afternoons as I’m away at work in the morning!
Darren Lewis Candidate Bishopsworth Intro to the recordings
Labour leader Helen Holland on the principles and intent of the amendments
Mark Brain with Labour’s take on #BristolBudget2011 and our planned amendments
Deputy Leader Mark Bradshaw being upfront about our difficult choice. Putting Bristol Council Taxpayers first with the reduction of the subsidy for park and ride return fares
Sean Beynon on the Scholarship scheme for gifted young Bristolians from hardworking families
Ashley Candidate Thangam Debbonaire on Cllr Jon Rogers Meals Christmas Wheels Charges increase
Derek Pickup on Labour’s funding for Young Carer’s amendment
Doug Naysmith on reducing the cost of care for the elderly
Thangam Debbonaire on saving the Bobby van and protecting victims of crime
Conclusion of tonight’s recordings and a promise of more to come!
There’s a way on embeding the AudioBoos into the blog… I’m still learning and so will do this tomorrow hopefully

Hope this has helped clarify some of our amendments. Please follow the links to share the stories on twitter and facebook.




2 responses

22 02 2011
Philip Bird

So, where can I read the detail of your proposed amendments?

22 02 2011

Thanks for droppin by Philip

I’m sorry I’m just running out the door to work. The budget proposals and amendments should be published here

Sorry I can’t be more helpful at this hour.


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