Bishopsworth Tories mourn local services cuts but its their Government causing it

4 02 2011

My Conservative opponent Cllr Richard Eddy is content to mourn reduction in local services but is unwilling to face the ugly truth. It is his party in Government that is delivering these harmful cuts to Bishopsworth’s residents.

Richard Eddy complains that police stations are going to be unmanned for longer. He can’t ignore the fact that this is due to the Conservative Party having cut police funding by 20%.

He can’t ignore the fact that his government have cut funding to the four Greater Bristol Councils by 28% over the next four years. This has led to the Bristol Lib Dem Council cutting the number of Police and Community Support Officers.

He can’t ignore the fact that the Ministry of Justice is facing a reduction of 11,000 front line staff, which will impact on Courts’ abilities to deal with offenders quickly.

I have family members and friends who serve as Police Officers or PCSOs in Avon and Somerset, South Wales Police, Hampshire Constabulary and the Met. They are hardworking people who try to do their best in difficult circumstances. Richard Eddy’s Party has made their job a lot harder.

Last May I and the Labour Party warned that the Conservatives plan to cut so quickly and so deeply would harm our communities. If Richard Eddy wants to raise law and order as a means to get re-elected I am more than happy. His party’s reckless cuts show that they are not the law and order party but Labour is.




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4 02 2011
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4 02 2011

Well, am no fan of the xenophobic Cllr Eddy.

But the fact is that most politicians spend their lives defending the indefensible policies of their leaders.

Or – confusingly as per above – saying the opposite.

O! for a party with integrity…which is why I vote Green.

(Blair killed Labour vote, sadly).

I also like the idea of voting for policies rather than personalities.

7 02 2011

Thanks for your comments Elisabeth

If Cllr. Eddy was saying “I disagree with what the government is doing because of X” I think this would be a tolerable situation. What he is doing is throwing his hands in the air and complaining about the consequence of cuts with no acknowledgement or critique of their source.

He seems to be criticising the local police for having to make do with the budgets given to them by the government. That isn’t fair or right.

I appreciate that for you Blair pushed you away from Labour but there are hundred of Labour candidates up and down the country who are committed, idealistic individuals with a great deal of integrity.

A Green vote in Bishopsworth will deliver another four years of Richard Eddy and the Tories. Neither Lib Dems or Greens can possibly win here. Progressive’s in Bishopsworth need to decide whether its more important to vote for a losing candidate who shares all of their values and get a Cllr who shares none of them OR vote for me and get a candidate who shares many of their principles and can win.

5 02 2011

Oh my aching sides….

I couldn’t help laughing when I read the Post article, just as I did about a month ago when Tory North Somerset went bleating to Cameron for more cash,

7 02 2011

I’ll give this to them. They are very VERY good at getting into the paper.

I just wonder why the Evening Post gives them such a free ride? Isn’t it a journalists job to challenge them on what they say? Or are they just grateful for copy?

7 02 2011
Paul Bemmy Down

Hi Darren.
Progessive, that word again. What does it mean? And surely you don’t think that voting Green means you can’t agree with anything Richard Eddy says. Thats nonsence. The reason that I vote Green is twofold. I believe that environmental issues are very important, and I can’t find enough to attract me to any of the other parties. I don’t know exactly what you mean by progressive but I’v got this nasty feeling that it’s not going to sound like me!

9 02 2011
10 02 2011
Paul Bemmy Down

“There’ll always be an England” by the Sex Pistols. Worth a watch.

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