Williams votes with government on forest sell off.

3 02 2011

Why can't he give us a simple honest answer?

Yesterday Stephen Williams voted with the government in an opposition day debate on selling off our forests. In Bristol our local Lib Dems are supporting parks and green space sell offs and nationally they are supporting forest sell offs. I don’t think they can pretend to be environmentalists any more. Do you?

So far since his 2010 re-election he’s supported part privatisation of the NHS, 80% privatisation of our Universities and now the Forest sell off.

But the real reason I’m writing this is to ask the simple question. Why can’t Stephen Williams answer a simple question with a simple honest answer?

Why does he feel he must give a half truth or mislead the public?

When challenged in a debate Stephen’s first response is to point out if the person has a party political affiliation. (As if adversarial debate was somehow anathema to our democracy.)

His email response to voters who challenged him to vote against the forest sell off contained 13 paragraphs and 1,046 words. Just 1 paragraph (the 7th one) contained how he would vote. He described his voting intent in just 22 words. The rest was an attack on Labour which buried the answer. (I don’t reproduce the email as it shouldn’t be read by those driving or operating heavy machinery)

When asked how he would vote in the forest sell off by the Bristol Evening Post he said

“I can see that people are very concerned about this and I will make sure that ministers understand the strength of feeling.

“I grew up in Wales near woodland and know how important it is. I will do whatever I can to preserve access.”

Not only is that a non answer- its parroting David Cameron’s line at PMQs.

What does it say about a politician if he can not answer a question about his intent?

It says he is a coward who knows the people will not support him and he will therefore do his best to keep his intent from the people.

Stephen Williams is no longer our representative in Parliament. He is the Tory led Government’s representative in Bristol West.

If you, like me, oppose the forest sell off. Sign here.




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3 02 2011


It’s also worth noting that today’s Evening Post is reporting that as a result of cut backs there will be jobs lost in the Forestry Commission Office in Bristol


I wonder if Williams realised his stance could have led to job losses in Bristol West? If he realised, did he care?

3 02 2011

I don’t think they can pretend to be environmentalists any more. Do you?

I never believed the Lib Dems were environmentalists in the first place; it was just another convenient bandwagon upon which to jump to try and gain votes.

Bloody duplicitous opportunists.

3 02 2011

I never believed the Lib Dems were environmentalists, either

– although still shocked that Stephen Williams voted against the trees

And glad I voted Green…

3 02 2011
Paul Bemmy Down

As it now seems there is little financial benefit in selling off our forests, the arguement for cuts and savings does not stand up here. It certainly seems like an ideological decision. As for Stephen Williams, it shows that lobbying your MP can basically be a waste of time. It was, afterall, a large no. who not only contacted him, but all of our local MP’S. Perhaps this is another example of why people are so depressed about politics.

20 02 2011
Paul Bemmy Down

Hooray! Now how about the Council taking notice and reversing the decision on selling our green spaces.

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