Today is my last day in the Chair of Bristol West Labour

25 01 2011

I’ve been a resident of Bristol West for almost 5 years now.

For much of that time I’ve been Secretary of the Constituency Labour Party and in the last few months Chair. I’ve seen the Labour Party rebuild here and whilst we suffered from Cleggomania in the 2010 General I’m certain I’ll see our candidates winning Council Seats in May.

I’m leaving the Constituency in the next few months for St. George West and following tonight’s AGM I’m standing down as a CLP officer in order to focus all my energies in taking on the Tories in Bishopsworth.

It’s been a real honour to work with some great people in Bristol West Labour. Paul Smith our former PPC who did so much to reconnect and reengage our disaffected core. David Jepson who has poured over the constituency figures so many times and organised so much campaigning. Karin Smyth for her direction and leadership. Laurie Derbyshire and Rosemarry Chamberlain for continuing the fight in Clifton and Hotwells (a very tough climate to nurture Labour’s red rose.) Bill Nicks for always being on top of the sums. It’s been great to see Ben Mosley develop from Bristol Uni Student, to Student’s Union Officer, to local party officer and finally to a promising young candidate. It’s been a real pleasure to work with Charlotte Martin who put in a huge number of hours before, during and after the election. She will certainly be a valued representative one day.

Very special thanks belongs to Zanna Wheeler. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me describing her as “no spring chicken” but she has, without a doubt, put in more hours than most party members. Phone banking with a smile on her face and a will to win. I’ve always appreciated her constructive criticism and her kind words.

So good luck to Bristol West Constituency Labour Party in the future. Remember what the 2010 election felt like. Remember what the Lib Dems did next. Winning Bristol West is essential to winning a Labour majority and protecting the very people our party was created to defend.

Finally. If you’re a Lib Dem reading this, don’t take too much heart. The joy of the internet is I could be on the northside of Snowdon and still point out your half truths, broken promises and out and out lies. Come the next General Election, when Stephen Williams runs again, I’ll come back to Bristol West and do my very best to turf him out and deliver the Labour MP that is so desperately needed.




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25 01 2011
Paul Bemmy Down

Hi Darren
I was having a cup of coffee the other day in Carmarthen, when a lady came and sat at the same table. We got talking, as you do, and she turned out to be the first child born under the National Health Service, and very proud of the fact. In those days, Labour did know “the very people our party was created to defend” don’t you think?

25 01 2011

That’s a brilliant story.

I think what you suggest is true. We have to get back and be a visible presence in the housing estates and right to buy areas. (As I’ve been trying to do in Four Acres)

That said we can’t retreat from speaking to and for those outside our core.

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