Tony Blair Twitter Wars.

27 12 2010

I come back home from the rugby and see Tony Blair is trending… … …


I click the link


50% of commentators (young prospective MP bag carriers, SpADS etc) are saying Tony Blair is a hero and we want a statue.


50% of commentators (anarchists, trots, hard lefties and anti war marchers) are sayng Tony Blair is a war criminal and we want him tried at the Hague.


No one says anything new. No one gives much of a reason for their position. There is no critique of the other side’s argument.


Old Brownites are quietly amused that “the other guy” is getting a kicking and do a pantomime shaking of their heads at the pantomime argument.


Sigh. For some people this is what passes as “politics”.


Meanwhile, local Councils up and down the Country are preparing massive cuts which will do harm to our community.  A ConDem government plans to steamroller its agenda through and some senior Tories and Orange Book Liberals consider cementing the coalition for a longer period. All this in order to consign a Labour agenda to an even longer spell in opposition.


Let me tell you Tony Blair’s greatest achievement.  For a short glorious period of time he united us and let us HAMMER the forces of Conservativism almost… almost into oblivion.


Young Tony Blair was a smooth political operator. I’m afraid some of the kids who wrap themselves in the “mantle” of Blair have absolutely no political savvy at all. The young Brownites relishing the other side’s kicking are also devoid of the burning passion for humanity and pragmatism that their champion possessed when he was young.


The hard left will always “do” what the hard left “do”. So it’s up to young “Blairites” and young “Brownites” (and the rest of the people who just call ourselves “Labour”) to be as savvy as their leaders once were.


We have a fractious coalition on which to turn our fire. Can’t you just shut up and start fighting the ConDems?






2 responses

28 12 2010
Andy Burkitt

I couldn’t agree more – nothing sickens me more than going to Westminster and seeing the rows still going – why of why oh why cannot they shut up and support ordinary members to fight the cuts.

28 12 2010

New Labour united the left for a while, it is true.

When elected in 1997, New Labour promised “an ethical foreign policy.”

Then proceeded to engage in an illegal war against a country already on its knees after ten years of siege.

Labour-voters felt let down by Tony Blair in a similar way that Lib-Dem voters feel let-down by Nick Clegg over tuition fees.

I agree a united Left is important.

But I also think leaders of political parties must understand that election promises do matter.

In the meantime, it’s good to remind people why New Labour (for all its broken promises) was a better bet than the Conservatives (sprinkled or not with Lib-Dem fairy-dust).

So keep reminding us…

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