Cllr Jon Scroogers- Bristol Lib Dems & Meals on Wheels

21 12 2010
I’m delighted the video maker who wishes to remain anonymous has struck again and I wanted to share the work that was sent to me!

This is a funny piece with a serious message.


Pensioners are already faced with rising fuel bills in one of the coldest winters in recent years and restrictions as to who gets winter fuel payments. They’ve also lost free swimming which this Council refuses to subsidise and in Bishopsworth they’ve seen cuts to local bus services reducing their mobility and in one awful cut- their ability to pay their respects at Bristol Crem.

This is a further sign of the contempt Liberal Democrats and Tories show the older generation.

I was privileged to be a part time carer for my late gran Beryl May Jenkins. She received meals on wheels. The hardworking ladies who delivered it and the professional carers who visited were an exceptional life line for her when Mam and I weren’t around. They kept her healthy happy and engaged for many years. It’s unpleasant to think that the generation who already sacrificed so much for us have to dig even deeper in their last few years.

Cllr Scroogers bleats that this is the fault of the past Labour government and the inherited financial situation. He currently has Lib Dems in the UK government for the first time ever and Lib Dems in power in Bristol. If they can’t solve this problem now without hitting the poorest and oldest they never will. He should take some responsibility but of all Cabinet members. Cllr. Scroogers shoulders are certainly the most sloping.

So unless Cllr. Scroogers is visited by three ghosts to teach him the error of his ways its going to be a not very Merry Christmas and an expensive New Year for Bristol’s pensioners.





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