Stephen Williams pompous political pygmy (IMHO)

2 12 2010

Remember the basic rule of winning in life? Be gracious in victory. Treat people with respect and whatever you do, avoid coming across as pompous.

Looks like Stephen isn’t feeling as secure in his position as he did before?!?

This Saturday Paul Smith the Labour candidate in the May 2010 General election is debating Stephen Williams “MP”  on the ConDem “Big Society” at Bristol’s superb African Voices Forum.

The organiser made a simple error and Stephen got “touchy” via his “people” demanding publicity be reissued. Have a shufty for yourself:

—–Original Message—–

From: JOHNSON, Wendy <>

To: Xxxxx (name censored) >; Paul Smith >

Cc: WILLIAMS, Stephen <>; Stephen Williams <>;  (other names deleted)

Sent: Thu, Dec 2, 2010 2:34 pm

Subject: RE: From African Voices Forum: Roundtable Discussion Sat 4th Dec 2010

Dear Xxxxxxxx (name censored)

Thank you for the information sent regarding the African Voices  Forum. It seems that you have made a mistake in your documents for your AGM. Paul Smith is not an MP NOR is he a Councillor. Therefore you need to re-issue all incorrect documents. Thank you for your assurance that you will do this. Perhaps you could email the correct version later today.

Kind regards

Wendy Johnson

Office of Stephen Williams MP

PO Box 2500  –  Bristol  –  BS6 9AH

Tel: 0117 942 3494  –  Fax: 0117 942 6925


It would be funny if he wasn’t the person in charge of  making decisions on our behalf and fighting for our corner!




8 responses

2 12 2010

I’d like to see the reply she got to that. At the very least, surely the response would be “you need to get some manners. erhaps you could email later today when you have?” Obviously I’d go for something a little more fruity that that.

11 12 2010
A Pedant

Not very good English either.

Therefore you need to re-issue all incorrect documents.

Re-issuing corrected documents would be a better idea.

I’ve seen more brains on display from another kind of party animal (the one that’s taken lots of Class A dancing drugs).

2 12 2010

You? More fruity? Shurely shome mishtake?

The sad thing is like all community organisations at the moment it will be doing its best to get by. Run by volunteers who work hard in the day and come back to work in the evening and probably with a small turnover and overheads.

Demanding people reissue publicity is just petty and shows that his office and possibly Stephen, has no clue how hard people are already working.

3 12 2010

I agree this shows that Stephen Williams’ office has no idea how hard the volunteer sector works.

However, I am less sure of calling someone a pompous political pygmy. Well, let me qualify: the insult made me smile.

But on the whole I prefer to attack policies – not personalities.

3 12 2010

I agree as a rule its important to play the ball not the man but I’m afraid on occasions examples like this do drive people to comment on character.

Generally i’m polite to everyone who is polite to me and others but if they aren’t… well the term in Welsh is “llawn diawel”. I have a little fun with them.

3 12 2010

Whilst over on Twitter another Stephen Williams Office worker has this to say in response to our questions about student protests

@The_CaptAwesome Weather just hit -4! I would hate to be outside today in the cold!

They really respect Bristol West’s Citizens don’t they?

3 12 2010
Ralph Kasper

Darren, being offensive about people and criticising their character adds little credibility to your argument. If you want to be a grown up politician, why don’t you try to actually engage in meaningful discussion and debate, rather than all of this petty little name calling for which you are fast developing a reputation. You might not like Stephen/Jon Rogers/Alex Woodman/Fi Hance/Mark Wright or other Lib Dems who you seem often to mention, either here or on Twitter, but all you ever do is a) criticise them personally, rather than question their policies or views and b) twist the facts and tell outright lies about others. I don’t live in Bishopsworth, but if I ever did, on current performance there is no way you would ever get my vote.

3 12 2010

This is how you misplayed your hand Ralph

I’ve never mentioned Fi Hance on here or on Twitter to the best of my recollection. Nor do you comment on me mentioning Gary Hopkins a lot (a South Bristol Lib Dem)

Though all the people you do mention are closely concerned with Stephen Williams’ office. Clicking on the Ralph Kasper who has commented on the Facebook Stephen Williams Protest Group reveals someone with 9 facebook friends. 1 of whom is Simon Kelman the aforementioned “@The_CaptAwesome” (Stephen Williams’ employee) and Mr. Williams himself. May I ask have you ever been employed or done voluntary work to assist Mr. Williams or the North Bristol Lib Dems?

I have never lied about any of the people you’ve mentioned nor have any of them been stupid enough to call me a liar. Impugning someone’s personal and professional character that way is a very serious thing to do. When its done you better have the evidence to back it up.

This isn’t me threatening you with libel by the way because I consider the people involved in Bristol Politics to know my character is such that I would not lie. Nor am I stupid enough to lie. You do however, owe me an apology from one man to another. Can I expect one from you in reply?

As for the people I’ve met in Bishopsworth. They’re like the people I grew up with. They speak as they find. They speak bluntly and have little deference to politicians. They are the better for it! I’m happy for people in Bishopsworth to judge my words against the actions and policies of people I use them against.

Stephen has broken a pledge. That breach will harm the prospects of the kids of my constituents who are rightly aspirational. That is something which concerns them and concerns me deeply. Breaking a pledge goes very deeply to his character and is a relevant consideration for voters. Stephen has also behaved in an amusing, petty and offensive way to a community organiser and that is also a relevant consideration for voters.

The rest – the “political pygmy” line is just window dressing. Its to catch people’s attention. You point to it to distract people from the substance of the post, an email revealing shoddy treatment of another human being- THAT is truly offensive conduct.

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