If Lynne Featherstone had any sense of shame she’d resign

2 12 2010

Exactly 3 months ago today Lynne Featherstone (ConDem Equalities Minister) dropped by my blog where I was calling for immediate implementation of Equalities Act provisions on publishing pay difference between men and women. As an employment lawyer I know how tough it is for women to prove their Equal Pay Act claims and Labour had tried to make it easier.

She boldly pointed out that Labour had only planned to implement the provisions in 2013 and only after a voluntary scheme succeeded (despite the fact that she herself had originally wanted a mandatory scheme)

Today her boss Theressa May will announce that this Government will not implement the measures at all.

Lynne has made no public statement on the subject.

So the question now is: will Lynne Featherstone accept and adopt this decision or will she have the strength of character to give up her government wage and comfortable lifestyle and resign?

As you commented on the blog last time Lynne feel free to drop by again and let us know your decision.




2 responses

2 12 2010

Correction. She has made a statement. Some garbled message about treating people as individuals not groups or something or other.

It can be best summarised by saying “You know that last 40 years of striving to emancipate women in the workplace? Yeah well Dave says we aren’t doing that any more.”

So the change is more significant than first blush.

It’s great to treat people as individuals rather than interest groups but in ignoring gender how do they explain that people called Barbara, Brittany, Belinda and Beth are paid less money than Chris, Colin and Charles? In denying yourself the full tools of analysis you can be left with the idiotic conclusion that people with a name starting with a B are just generally paid less.

So that’s Tories, Lib Dems and Big Business 1- Real people- 0

3 12 2010

As a female, I just want to say…

Thank you, mate.

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