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26 11 2010

The last month has been giving me a bizarre sense of deja vu.

There’s a government carrying out cuts which harm the oldest and poorest

In the face of massive cuts and personal hardship grotesquely out of touch Lord Young says people ” never had it so good”

New Tory Peer Howard Flight says the benefits reforms will cause the poor “to breed”

There’s conflict on the streets

and odd bod former SDPers jettison values and show that they are happier with a Tory Government of massive cuts rather than Labour investment.

It was acceptable in the 80s but is it now?




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27 11 2010

South West MP Claire Perry (Tory Devizes) poured fuel on the flames of Howard Flight’s breeding comments by saying:

“Given that the families are in extreme poverty, as the honourable lady points out, should they be having children at that point?”


28 11 2010
Paul Bemmy Down

So what do you make of the facts produced by the Nat. Office of Stats, that when Labour introduced Child Tax Credits the No of children born went up by 15% ? I don’t know whether they took into account the number of bogus claims that were made when it was realised you didn’t have to prove your children existed!

3 12 2010

I remember in the 1980s seeing more homeless people on the streets of London. Not the ‘gentlemen of the road’ types but – for the first time – young people.

This was as a direct result of Thatcher’s policy to stop investing in social (council) housing.

The effects of the Conservatives in government are visible for all to see. And will be visible again for all those who do not remember them first-hand the last time.

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