Williams Without Wriggle Room

4 11 2010

Vote for Williams and then he will vote how Mr. Cameron asks him to

In his maiden speech the Lib Dem MP for Bristol West boasted that this was the most intelligent constituency in the Country given its large number of highly educated residents. It’s sad then, that he is currently treating us like we are idiots on the issue of tuition fees.

Listen to the Radio 4 “PM show” broadcast for 3rd November 2010 from 11 mins in. 

(only available for 6 more days)

Stephen Williams says of his pledge
That he: “know(s) what I was signing and what I was pledging to do”

“It was to move away from the existing fees system… to a fairer system.”

“I think what the government is putting together is a fairer system…”

Judge for yourself by looking at the pic on his own website.

The pledge plainly says he will “vote against any increase in fees.” 

Before the election he also said “The Liberal Democrats want to scrap tuition fees and will fight any attempt to raise the cap.” This is still on his website.

To say he meant something else in signing this pledge or that he is right to support an increase in fees or the cap is either cheap spin or a simple plain lie.




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